ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand
ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand
ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand
ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand
ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand
ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand

ShapeWave™ Body Sculpting Wand

"I’ve tried various products in the past, but nothing has worked like ShapeWave. It’s straightforward to use, and the results are visible. My friends have started noticing too, and now they want one!"
- Andrea B. | New York, NY

ShapeWave™ Body Sculpt Wand

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  • Burns Stubborn Fat
  • Tightens and Firms Skin
  • Promotes Collagen Regeneration
  • Versatile and Easy to Use
  • Non-Invasive and Safe
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ShapeWave is designed to help you achieve a beautifully sculpted body through advanced EMS technology. Our device targets stubborn fat, tightens skin, and promotes collagen regeneration, delivering visible results within weeks.

Target Stubborn Fat with Precision

Struggling with stubborn fat that won’t budge despite diet and exercise? ShapeWave’s advanced EMS technology specifically targets these tough areas, enhancing your body’s natural fat-burning process.

Achieve Firmer, Smoother Skin

ShapeWave doesn’t just reduce fat; it also tightens your skin.
The combination of radio frequency and red light therapy promotes collagen production and improves skin elasticity. Say goodbye to saggy skin and hello to a firmer, youthful appearance that feels as good as it looks.

Enhance Muscle Tone and Strength

Enhance the natural definition of your muscles with ShapeWave.
The EMS technology stimulates muscle fibers, leading to improved muscle tone and strength. Perfect for enhancing the results of your workout regimen or for targeting specific muscle groups.

Collagen is the key to vibrant, elastic skin.

Revitalize Your Skin by Boosting Collagen

ShapeWave’s red light therapy penetrates deep to stimulate collagen production, reducing cellulite and stretch marks, and restoring your skin’s natural bounce and glow.

One Device, Multiple Uses

ShapeWave’s versatility makes it a valuable addition to your beauty toolkit. Use it on your neck, arms, legs, waist, and more. It’s designed for full-body use, excluding the face, allowing you to target different areas as needed for comprehensive beauty care.

Non-Invasive Treatment at Home

ShapeWave offers a non-invasive alternative that’s just as effective for tightening and toning.
Safe, pain-free, and without any downtime, you can achieve professional results in the comfort of your own home.

How ShapeWave Works

ShapeWave™ combines BioWave™, Radio Frequency, Red Light, and Heat Therapy technologies to target fat, tighten skin, and promote collagen production. Here’s how each technology contributes to your transformation:

BioWave™ EMS

Stimulates muscles and enhances blood circulation.

Radio Frequency

Heats deeper skin layers for fat burning and tightening.

Red Light Therapy

Boosts collagen production and elasticity.

Heat Therapy

Ensures a comfortable and effective treatment experience.

User-Friendly Design for Everyday Use

ShapeWave is designed with your convenience in mind. Simple to operate with adjustable settings, it fits seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned expert in body care, ShapeWave is easy to use and effective.

See Noticeable Results Quickly

With just 15 minutes of daily use per area, you can start seeing noticeable results within 4 to 8 weeks. ShapeWave accelerates your journey towards your beauty goals, making each session count towards visible changes.

Real Customers, Real Results

Real results after using ShapeWave™. Individual results may vary. Everyone's body is unique and may respond differently to our products. We offer a 30 day free trial policy for all our products so you can easily return them for a full refund if you are not thrilled with the results. A good diet and exersice contributed for results.

ShapeWave is
Simple & Effective

Apply Gel To The Target Area.

Apply a conductive gel or lotion to your target area to enhance the device's effectiveness.

Select Your Desired Mode and Intensity Level.

Choose the appropriate mode and intensity for your treatment needs using the device's user-friendly interface.

Massage in Circular Motions

Gently move the device in circular motions over the skin for 15 minutes daily. Regular use over 4-8 weeks is recommended for the best results.

Loved By Thousands! ❤️


ShapeWave has transformed my body! I feel more confident and love the results!

Sarah J.

Atlanta, Georgia


Amazing product! My skin is firmer and smoother after just a few weeks.

Mike L.

Sacramento, California


Highly recommend ShapeWave! It’s easy to use and really works.

Emma W.

Charlotte, North Carolina


For best results, use ShapeWave for 15 minutes a day, consistently for 4-8 weeks.

Yes, ShapeWave is a non-invasive, safe tool designed for home use. It uses advanced technologies to ensure effectiveness without discomfort.

ShapeWave is not suitable for use on the face. It is designed for use on other parts of the body such as the belly, hips, waist, back, shoulders, neck, arms, and legs.

Start with the lowest intensity level to gauge your comfort, and gradually increase as needed. Choose the mode based on your specific needs: 'D' for stretch marks removal, 'B' for fat burning, and 'L' for lifting and toning.